Intimate hygiene wash

Do you know what you wash your intimate area with? Fragrances and alkaline pH of soap can cause irritation and promote intimate infections.  Physiologically acidic pH and hypoallergenic composition is the basis for proper care of intimate areas. Therefore, we have created a wash with a soothing formula which helps you maintain the physiological pH of your intimate area.



Intimate oil

The fight against discomfort starts with us! So, if irritation keeps you from sitting still, this is the oil for you. 

Our oil restores the feeling of smoothness and reduces irritation, the addition of coconut oil and thyme gives it antibacterial properties. 100% natural ingredients.



Antibacterial and antifungal textil spray

By using our spray you limit the growth of bacteria and yeast-like fungi on your underwear up to 99.9%, thus protecting the most delicate parts of your body. Thanks to Ag+ silver ions you control the microbiological state of your intimate parts and provide protection against pathogenic microorganisms.



Antibacterial and antifungal swimming liners

Our swimming liner is an innovative product that will provide you with antibacterial and antifungal protection during swimming. It is 99% effective and significantly reduces the risk of intimate infections. Simply place the liner in your swimsuit and it will protect you against harmful bacteria and Candida fungus.